Obesity: an emerging health issue in Kanchanaburi demographic surveillance system, Thailand

Varachai Thongthai, Mahidol University

Obesity, which was once a public health concern only in developed countries, has been observed in many developing countries. Using data from the Kanchanaburi Demographic Surveillance System, Thailand, the paper analyzes the situation of obesity and overweight and examines the factors affecting them. It hypothesizes that prevalence of obesity and overweight is higher in urban areas and among females. Prevalence of obesity and overweight is observed much higher among females than males. Age has positive correlation with obesity and overweight. Being married has a tendency to become obese and overweight. Working in non-agriculture sector indicates tendency to be overweight. Urban residents have more chance to be obese and overweight than rural residents. People with bad eating habit, consuming sweets and greasy food, also contributes to becoming obese and overweight. Logistic regression analysis supports two hypotheses that living in urban areas and being female have higher chance of becoming obese or overweight.

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Presented in Session 38: Risk Factors, Diseases and Mortality