The peculiarities of foreign labour force adaptation in the Baikal region of Russia

Zinaida Danilova, Russian Academy of Sciences

In modern conditions in the Baikal region of the Russian Federation descend intensive migration processes. To study migration of foreign labour force in the region diverse researches are performed. In particular, under the author’s supervision, sociological interrogation on the topic “Adaptation of labour immigrants in the Baikal region” was conducted. Among interrogated immigrants 62.7% are citizens of China, 14.8% – Uzbekistan, 4.9% - Korea, 4.6% - Tadzhikistan, 13% - Azerbaidzhan, Kyrgyz, Mongolia and other countries . Mainly they have a seasonal work and presumably are busy on building objects, timber-cutting and other objects which are labour consuming. To hire foreign labour force it is possible to point out the main barriers to adapt: - Lack of information in receiving society due to the fact that they don’t know the language, intentional concealment and wrong information from the employers, leaders of labour immigrants’ groups; - Breaking of foreign workers’ rights. On the majority of enterprises where foreign workers are occupied conditions and safety devices are not supported, breaking of working contracts when they begin to work is noticed. - Lack of social guarantees, dependence on authorities etc. 44% of respondents consider that they are protected from officials, law structures only partially. So, under the present conditions immigrants integration into receiving society is difficult, adaptation level of the majority of labour migrants is low, many of them are not protected in economic, juridical fields, suffer from the authorities and local citizens, social infrastructure is not available etc. Generally in the world the tendency to protect the rights of citizens working abroad is noted, at the same time limitation of these rights in their country is also noticed.

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Presented in Session 84: Social Mobility and Labour Market Participation of Foreign Workers