Session 11:
Religion and Fertility

Thursday, July 10
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Chair: Dimiter Philipov, Vienna Institute of Demography

  1. Subjective and objective measures of religiosity and fertility choices in developed countriesAlicia Adsera, Princeton University

  2. Religious socialisation and fertility: the transition to the third birth in the NetherlandsCaroline Berghammer, Vienna Institute of Demography

  3. Islamism, religiosity and fertility in the Muslim worldEric P Kaufmann, University of London

  4. Does religious practice affect fertility in France?France Prioux, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED); Arnaud Régnier-Loilier, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED)

  5. Do religious minorities perform alike in their fertility behaviour? a cross country comparison of India and BangladeshBiswamitra Sahu, University of Groningen; Inge Hutter, University of Groningen; Leo van Wissen, University of Groningen; Alinda Bosch, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI)

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