Changes in ethnical structure of Macedonia after emigration of Turkish minority

Goran Miladinov, Faculty of Economics ,University of Shtip

The great attractiveness of such an inquiry lies in comparing the effects of the massive emigration of Turkish minority from Macedonia after world war two in regard to its political and social meaning and background.The research explored the ethnic changes and consequences that were produced by the massive immigration of that population in Turkey.In addition,there was investigation also,whether economic reforms and privatization occured in Macedonia during 50 th were going in the right or wrong direction, and how satisfied they were with the develpment of democracy in their country then, and why theyintended to go in Turkey.Additional information was gathered on a wide variety of areas in Macedonian society consequently with the changes in ethnical structure of population in Macedonia.Also,an conceptual historical perspective has been added in this research paper by following the Balkan wars,separation of ethnic territory of Macedonia ,social and political situation in the region and variety of social and political topics and trends in an new atmosphere of changed relations.

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Presented in Poster Session 2