Contraception, abortion and social networks in Poland. Changes in the period 2001– 2006

Ewa Fratczak, Warsaw School of Economics
Iga Sikorska, Warsaw School of Economics

According to the settlements accepted in the introduction and theoretical considerations, the following questions will be answered: • What are the current attitudes, behaviors and intentions connected with contraception and abortion (reproductive behaviors) of persons of procreative age in Poland? • What is the relationship/association between current attitudes and behaviors regarding contraception and abortion (reproductive behaviors) and religiosity in the Polish society of procreative age? How important is role of the social networks on the contraceptive use, more general reproductive behaviors of persons of procreative age in Poland? The answers to the mentioned questions will be by preceded by short information on law regulations and history of abortion in Poland. The unique data on social networks and reproductive behaviors coming from both Polish Retrospective Surveys will describe the importance of the relationship between contraceptive use, social networks and other socio-economic characteristic of the respondent based on the logistic regression models.

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Presented in Session 26: Contraception and Induced Abortion in Europe