Migration impact on the all characteristics in the life tables

Kaloyan Haralampiev, Sofia University

The major aim of this paper is to examine migration impact on the quantities in life table. Two life tables are constructed. The first one is life table without migration. Its columns represent “pure” characteristics, i.e. such numbers if there is no migration. The second life table is multi-state life table with migration included. Thus, the comparison between these two life tables reveals migration effect. In addition migration effect could be studied not only in general but up to an exact age. For this purpose set of conditional life tables is made. Each conditional life table in this set is a such life table if there is no migration up to age x (x = 0,1,2,…). Such survey is done for the period 1996-1998 and it is repeated with recent data. In this way the change during the time could be examined.

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Presented in Poster Session 3