Acculturation and integration issues facing young migrants: a case study from inner London

Janusz Balicki, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University
Nicholas Walters, University of Surrey
Anne Wells, Refugees and Asylum Seekers Support Consultant
Maciej Debski, Gdansk University

The paper outlines the results of a recent survey of students in Newham College of Further Education. The purpose was to identify emerging acculturation processes being addressed by first and second generation migrant students from minority ethnic communities. The survey data shows students’ own perceptions of cultural integration, from which the paper discusses observations significant for social policy and for service provision. The survey was conducted with students aged between 17 and 23 years in 2006-2007. Over 200 returned questionnaires were supplemented by 100 face to face interviews. The student profile is significantly multicultural and the majority of respondents are Muslim. The paper addresses the character of experienced acculturation. It describes issues connected with human and fundamental rights, and particularly of gender equality, and suggests ways in which this may lead to a better understanding of European culture. It concludes with a consideration of diversity and emerging identities.

Presented in Poster Session 3