Gerontological sexology and sexual dysfunction among the elderly in Ibadan, Nigeria

King O Odor, University of Ibadan

In Nigeria, majority of studies on sexual behaviour have focused on young people with limited attention paid to elderly. Preliminary investigation suggests that elderly persons have reproductive health challenges including sexual dysfunction and engagement in risky practices. This study therefore determined perceptions of sexual practices and problems of elderly in Ibadan, Nigeria. The study population consisted 400 elderly aged 65 years above, selected using multi-stage sampling technique. Validated questionnaire designed from findings of six Focus Group Discussions was used to obtain information from respondents. FGD data were transcribed and themes developed. Questionnaire data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Respondents mean age was 70.8 (±7.58) years. About (50.5%) were males 49.5% were females. majority were Yoruba (91.3%) and Christians (63%). Few of the respondents had sex with persons other than their spouses since they attained the age of 65 years. More 76.2% males than 12.6% females had their coitus in the two years preceding the study. Those who had extra-marital sex during this period, very few (6.8%) used condom, 85.8% did not. Males (11.9%) and females (1.5%) used condom during last extra-marital sex (p<0.05). Low condom-use was attributed to negative perception; some respondents (34.5%) believed condom was not necessary while 50% perceived it was not for elderly. Death of spouse (78.5%) and loneliness (80.8%) were reasons for extra-marital sex. Majority (68.8%) agreed sex with virgins could boost immunity against STIs/HIV. Males (56.4%) and females (66.7%) agreed sex at elderly has healing effects on the body system (p<0.05). Early ejaculation and non-erectile function (31.3%) vs. inadequate vaginal lubrication (10.3%) and menopausal changes (26.5%) were major sexual dysfunctions for males and females respectively. Elderly persons engage in sexual activity including risky sexual practice. Therefore health intervention programmes aimed at providing SRH services and geriatric education should be implemented for the elderly. Key words: Elderly people, Sexual Behaviour, Condom use, Sexual dysfunction, Sex Word Count: 300

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