Analyzing the aspects of international migration in Turkey by using 2000 census results

Yadigar Coskun, Population Association of Turkey
Ahmet Sinan Turkyilmaz, Hacettepe University

The aim of this study it is to make estimations on the numerical aspects of international migration by using the 2000 census results. Starting with the 1975 census, the question of: “How many members of this household who are not in the house now are a) in the country? b) abroad?” was asked to every household head regularly each census. Using this data, and assuming that the people who are in abroad in the census day but reported as part of the households in Turkey as migrants, the number of emigrants was estimated from 2000 census. Results indicate that; migration rates are higher in east and central parts of the country in addition nearly no provinces from the West region which is the developed regions both economically and socially. Except West region, the rates are higher in rural areas. In addition; the overall emigration rate is increasing .

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Presented in Poster Session 2