Some basic characteristics and trend of cesarean deliveries in Turkey: 1993-2003

Sabahat Tezcan, Hacettepe University
Yadigar Coskun, Population Association of Turkey

Turkey Demographic and Health Surveys (TDHS) are the only reliable source for various demographic and health indicators for Turkey planned and conducted by Hacettepe University Institute of Population Studies. The latest TDHS was conducted in 2003. This paper aimed to study the trends in cesarean section (CS) deliveries in Turkey. Some basic demographic and social characteristics of mothers who had cesarean births were also studied using 1993 and 2003 TDHS data. Reproductive events 5 year preceding the survey was collected for all live births. Results indicate that overall CS Rate (per 100 deliveries) was estimated 8.1 for TDHS-1993 and 21.2 for TDHS-2003. In addition, from 1989 to 2003; CS rates increased from 6.0 percent to 25.4 percent. CS rates are clearly higher among the women living in socio-economically developed regions, living urban areas, having higher education and working with social security.

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