A study on attitudes, reasons and goals of Iran’s PhD students for migration to Europe and American countries

Shahla Kazemipour Sabet, Regional Center for Population Research and Studies in Asia and the Pacific
Mohammad Mirzaie, University of Tehran
Mahmoud Moshfegh, Population studies and Reseach Center For Asian And the pacific
Nader Motie Haghshenas, Population Studies and Research Center in Asia and the Pacific

Migration of experts and educated people to Europe and American countries is one of the demographic and social problems of Iran and many developing countries as well, which effects both origins and destinations countries. This survey deals with analysis and description of attitudes, goals and reasons of PHD students of Iran for migration to Europe and American countries. The methodology of this work is based on both survey and secondary analysis. The statistical sample includes 200 of PHD students of Tehran University. The results indicate the most of PHD students tend to migrants to Europe and American countries, nevertheless, the tendency of students for migration are different by their educational fields, age and English language capacities.One of the important factors for migration PHD students to abroad is their evaluation of inside and outside conditions of country. Canada, United States, England and France are preference countries. The important reasons for migration were low potential of economic opportunity,training periods, Reception of some experts by countries of destinations.

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