Migration of Iranian’s rural labourers,employment at informal labour market and Vulnerability

Ardeshir Entezari, Centre for Population Studies and Research, Tehran
Mahmoud Moshfegh, Population studies and Reseach Center For Asian And the pacific
Aliyar Ahmadi, University of Tehran
Shahrzad Salehin, Ministry of Education

Migration is one of the basic demographic processes, which occur along with modernization in all of societies. In recent half of the century, Accompanied by socio-economic changes, Iran has experienced various geographical movements. Meanwhile, the rural-urban migration has had very spread, particularly migration of rural laborers to employ in industry and services sectors in urban areas. Migration of laborers happens in two different forms: The first is migration of laborers to engage at the formal sectors and industrial centers, and the second is migration of laborers to employ at the informal sectors. The target group in this paper is migrant laborers who have employed at the informal sectors in Tehran city. This paper tries to discuss the pathological aspects of migration and working situations of laborers. The studied population includes the migrant laborers that had settled in their place of work. The method of sampling is cluster sampling, and a sample of 600 labourers used in the analysis. The results indicate that migrant laborers are very vulnerable, and the most of them are from low socio-economic status and less developed provinces. Unpleasant situation of migration, and unsustainable and disorder employment in informal sectors have had very negative impacts on their mental Health and their social wellbeing. Over all, job and life satisfactions, need for achievement was very low among responding which has interviewed. Their favorite for return to home was drastically and remarkable. However, lack of opportunity for employment, it has not fulfilled

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