Labor market for all and informal employment for women

Nato Pitskhelauri, Tbilisi State University
Nino Chikhladze, Tbilisi State University

In Georgia informal sector became an independent segment of the labor market, which had an important influence on the employment of the population, particularly women, as well as on the socio-economic condition of the country as a whole. Among 500 employed in informal sector was conducted with the method of questionnaire. For the 12,1 % of the surveyed women main motivation for working in the informal sector is the access to the means for existence, for 58% the tendency to independence, 20,2% flexibility of the labor regime and 9,7% receiving considerable income. In current situation it is impossible to reduce to the minimum women’s informal employment. As in informal sector among the employed women great part are employed with incomplete working time; revenues of informal sector are low; great number of enterprises work with an incomplete working load; number of internally displaced women is high in the country. The financial support from the side of the government is scanty. Because of the above-mentioned reasons, replenishment of informal sector takes place even from the formal sector.Women employed in informal sector are devoid of labor guarantees, they lack legal protection, and conditions of work are not lawfully protected. Conditions of work are unsafe, one of the factors of health is important for each person, participating in a commercial process. One of the conditions for the improvement of woman’s hard economic life is the reduction of unemployment and their provision with effective employment. The key role of state is obvious, because at this stage only free market can not solve the mentioned problem. It is very important from the side of the government to create equal legal conditions for men and women for the complete reflection of their possibilities.

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