‘Male Menopause’- A study of its socio-psychological causes and consequences among University professors

Parasuram Vinayaga Murthy, Sri Venkateswara University
Venkiteela Ravindrakumar, Sri Venkateswara University

‘Male Menopause’ is the concept focusing more attention globally in the recent past both among medical and social researchers. Male Menopause is related to decline in quantities of testosterone hormones in middle ages of males especially after 40’s which associated with decline in sexual urge, erections takes time and not rigid, erection becomes more feeble, refractory period between erection gets prolonged. It also leads to fatigue, forgetfulness and anxiety, weight gain, indecisiveness and declining self confidence which ultimately leads to ‘Mid life-Crisis’. This aspect is more crucial among the Professors as they are the agents to impart knowledge and build up the career of the students. Most of them are not aware of underlying reasons and causes for Male Menopause symptoms. Further many of the professors are not aware of the medical remedy like Testosterone Replacement Therapy and life style changes to cope up with the Midlife Crisis.Thus there is very high need to study the social and psychological causes and consequences to educate them how to prevent, delay, reduce or eliminate Male Menopause symptoms among University teachers. The present study was focused on 1) Awareness and Perceptions Of the respondents about the on-set of Male Menopause, its causes and consequences 2) Impact of lifestyle factors on the early onset of Male Menopause 3) Linkage between certain diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension etc., and male Menopause 4) Impact of ageing and degeneration of body and Hormones on sexual degeneration among male population and 5) Effects of Male Menopause on the performance of University Professors Fifty Professors aged in between 40 to 50years are purposively selected for the study A pre-designed schedule was used to collect information. For the preparation of interview schedule and for collection of information, guidance from a doctor from the local super specialty hospital was sought. ----------------------------

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