Women’s job security in comparison to men's job security in the private sector of Iran

Arezou Sayadi, Regional Center for Population Research and Studies in Asia and the Pacific

Iran as a developing country is seriously challenging with its labor market. Unemployment and job insecurity are obsessing factors among peoples specially youth. Regarding to the private sector of labor market and it's characteristic of being less regular than government sector in Iran both sexes are suffering from job insecurity. Pervious studies by measuring job security technically and examination of women's attitudes toward their job security shows that they have low job security. This fact is affected by some social factors such as social class, women’s education, their husband’s education, women’s income, husband’s income, father’s income, property and house works and job factors including flexibility of work, part time or full time working, profession and home affairs. This study aims to provide a picture of job security among women and men in private sector of labor market in Iran and suggest some practical ways for improving it. The study is based on quantitative method and the sample consists of 300 man and 300 women who were interviewed in private hospitals of shiraz. Findings of the research reveal that in comparison to men's job security, although the private sector plays an independence role in labor market and it doesn’t bring security for any sexes, in the case of job security women are more vulnerable than men due to social factors and the traditional role of them in the family.

Presented in Poster Session 3