Development index and development region upon education opportunities

Guler Kocberber, Public Procurement Authority
Leyla Bilen Kazanc─▒k, State Planning Organization

The aim of this study is to make planning activities directed at providing equality of opportunity in education in all parts of the country and towards performing education access for each student on nationwide. To serve this purpose, data by districts for educational year of 2007 were gathered from Ministry of National Education (MoNE) and a development index related to education opportunities wad computed by using 31 indicators on education for each district of Turkey. Principal Component Analysis, Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis were used in computing development index. For each educational indicator, assuming the average of Turkey the target, depending upon the result of the analysis performed, the number of teachers, the number of classrooms, and the number of educational tools required for 62 districts in 24 provinces were estimated. Also, it is aimed to teach the statistical methods used in this study to the technical personnel of MoNE. Therefore, by conducting similar studies each year by MoNE, it will be possible to determine requirements of education for both provinces and districts objectively and to follow the development of districts over a period of time.

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Presented in Poster Session 3