The immigrant entrepreneurial activity in Apulia

Michela Camilla Pellicani, University of Bari
Pierpaolo Bonerba, Università di Bari
Fanizza Floriana, Università di Bari

In the major phenomenon of the immigrant presence in Italy and of its consequent sedentariness, an aspect of particular interest is represented by the immigrants entrepreneurial activity.a Concerning this conceptual environment Apulia started from being a transitory region,(a virtual “promenade” toward the Italian northern ones and at the same time toward other places outside the nation) to be now a region of stabilization combining the double role of entrance door for immigrants who come from the near Balkans or middle east and the one of territory of final settlement particularly of populations like maghrebian mauritians and Eritreans who are choosing Apulia to settle their familiar environment because of a comfortable “modus vivendi” from the economic point of view either for the social settlement.

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Presented in Session 79: Migrants and the Labour Market