Political culture and international migration: the case of indigenous mixtecos in the United States

Josefina Franzoni, El Colegio de México
Telesforo Ramirez-Garcia, El Colegio de México
Maria de Lourdes Rosas-Lopez, El Colegio de México

Despite that migration, internal and international, is one of the most thematic worked within the social sciences in Latin America, the relationship between migration and political culture, is a vein of inquiry little explored. Most studies that refer to the political participation of Mexican migrants are focused on the analysis of organizations and clubs migrants, but pay little attention to changes in the culture political, understood as a representation that individuals have on political power and how they relate to that power in the societies of origin and destination. Under that in the globalised society are growing migration processes, it is the imminent need of study on new political processes and social and cultural changes that are occurring at the behest of population movements. This work is part of this line of research; the aim is to analyze the changes in the culture political of Mixtecos migrants in the state of Oaxaca to the USA and how these impact social organizations with political guidance and the institutions in the regions of origin. This study utilizes a quasi-experimental model that combines techniques qualitative and quantitative research to know the transformations taking place in the culture political of a people in moving and the impact such a transformation in the institutions of the community of origin.

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